I have neglected blogging because I have been REALLY busy working on my latest steamy novel. It has been slow going because my husband, myself, and my youngest daughter have been having health issues. I had been plagued with back pain that had gotten to the point that I was absolutely miserable. Epidural injections had not worked for long, and although I tried to avoid surgery, I did have  multi-level laminectomies done on March 3rd. I have done really well, but it seem that I am always on the road taxiing someone to the doctor or for medical tests. Hope this lets up pretty soon! Visit me on facebook or on my website (janetfflococo.net) to learn about my books and to order them. I will try to do better with my blogging.


I am a retired registered nurse turned writer. I have self-published three humorous autobiographies. Since 2009, I have also published steamy romance novels: Lost Innocence, Guilty Pleasure, and The Prince Wore Cowboy Boots. To order the books with a credit card, visit janetflococo.net or email me at janlopub@me.com